Monday, October 31, 2011

aphrodite and her spring

i placed my wreath around aphrodite's head.... you can see the spring water bubbling up in the pool in front of her.... this section of the temple complex is called the temple of isis, but this particular statue is aphrodite: they must have been room-mates or something... the gods and goddesses all lived near one another in dion, which was a huge flourishing town in the ancient days.. the entire town of dion was buried under mud which these springs carry to the surface. it was utterly forgotten for centuries....

my approach to olympus

this is mount olympus from the seaside village of kalithea.

here is the mountain from the beach itself.

i poured a libation to Zeus at his altar in the town of dion, a HUGE complex of temples where the ancient greeks made offerings to the gods. it is a magical place where fresh spring water comes bubbling out of the ground.

bottles here in leipzig

some of my favourite fluids: a greek brandy and a local herb elixir.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

rainbows on the green man

my dear friend katie gave us some crystals which make rainbows in our east-facing kitchen and beyond. i thought this special light would look great on our autumnal green man...

leipzig rebuilds itself with style

for some absurd reason, the DDR leaders decided to destroy a brilliant church on this site. recently the architects of the university decided to build a wonderful postmodern building which pays sincere homage to the late great church, while maintaining an awesome present presence on the augustplatz which it shares with the gewandhaus and the opera house. BRAVO! the fountain adds a neo-classic gravitas to the whole scene....