Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ganesha already lived here

as many of you readers know, i am quite fond of lord ganesha, remover of obstacles, inventor of writing, singer of AUM, etc etc

this picture of him was already hanging on the side of our house: no wonder we got to live in this sweet little house!

a left-over photo: last summer's trip to NL

i like this photo so much i just decided to post it here rather than going back to stick it into proper chronological order, where it would be missed by any reader just checking the most current posts....
this is carved on the wall of a cave outside of maastricht in southern netherlands. i wish i could hear these guys play!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

yet ANOTHER spring!

maybe this time it will be the real deal, instead of a little interlude to trick the trees into blossoming early...
that's santa fe for ya: maybe there will be bushels of apricots and peaches, and maybe there will be none.

Friday, April 10, 2009

winter fashion

this matching ensemble of hat and stole was all the rage: a fashion statement for the return of winter.

this mermaid looks less like a fish out of water now that she is covered in water crystals... was she just following fashion? or was her skin thirsty for moisture?

other pix from last snow storm

the snow won't kill the ivy: it is WAY too tough for a few days of frost to be threat.... and ain't it pretty?!

and these two buddhas have such self-control that they are not even perturbed a bit by their chilly blanket.