Friday, December 25, 2009

a poem to end revels with no end at all = an end of ending

Revels re-revealed

For just a few short seasons of mundanity
Our village will disperse and disappear
But this will not result in dire calamity
For what was once belov’d is ever dear.

We celebrate the circle, not the silly line.
As fire stays the same the while it burns,
And each year’s summer’s air is warm and feels divine,
So time stops (in a sense) as time returns.

Here is a law of paradox on our dear earth:
All things that come around remain the same!
Of course there is an otherness in their rebirth
And every play and player must stake claim.

A spring is a spring is a spring as we all know
And Revels will reveal how this is ever so.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

revels season

i know i should post all sorts of stories about backstage revels interactions, but i shall not. backstage is offstage; and what is onstage is public.
this year's show is set in bavaria, so we FINALLY get german music in the revels! we will sing beethoven's ninth symphony as an audience sing-along. this should be the height of fun for the show. strangely i had never sung the Ode to Joy before...

the recurring theme is saint nikolaus, and how he is not quite the same as santa claus. as always the revels will look fabulous, sound great and invite everybody into the village for seasonal songs and a heartfelt blessing.

december 11-20 at the scottish rite center in their glorious hemidemispherical theater... right on the lake in oakland.