Friday, November 13, 2009

glowing buildings

another of my favourite accidental artworks: the setting sun reflects off of buildings in the distance.
this ephemeral moment is among the reasons i love to carry a camera.

aeolian panpipes

the guardrails around Hawk Hill in the marin headlands have little holes in them which the wind blows across, turning the set of rails into a giant panpipe. it is an amazing sound. i have heard an installation of pipes built by a french artist, which used a similar technique to harness wind to make a panpipe play.
i am pretty sure that this result was accidental in this case, but the sound is still magical!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

miko in san francisco with SF icon

just in case anybody was doubting that i am back in my home turf: here i am with the bridge that says "i left my heart in san francisco". about forty minutes after this photo, i was cycling in the marin headlands on a trail which is hiding in the greenery just behind my gesturing fingers.

goddess of peace

this goddess of peace overlooks the golden gate bridge, blessing all who pass through the region.

here is the olive branch which symbolizes peace.

here is my offering to Her.
may peace prevail on earth!
paco regu sur la tero!

not fresh, but still current: homage to gandhi-ji

this man is my greatest hero: maha-atma = great soul.
peace was his goal. let it be.