Tuesday, December 11, 2007

unexpected blessing

i was in downtown Yelahanka, the old part of town, doing a bit of grocery shopping: tomatoes looked good, maybe some onions... i was squeezing veggies and considering how much to buy when it suddenly felt like there was a bit of a shower. i thought the sky had been pretty clear, so i was surprized at the drizzle. i looked up to see how dark the suddenly- arrived cloud was; i was puzzled to see that the sky was quite blue-- not a cloud to be seen anywhere! then i looked in the tree straight overhead and saw a fairly large monkey scampering about. i had been bepissed by a danged monkey! i said to the shopkeeper (who had a fair amount of English) "i think that monkey just pissed on me!" to which he replied "this is great good fortune, sir! monkeys act for lord hanuman. this is a great blessing, sir!"... what could i do but laugh and take it in the highest possible framework? what could i do but laugh and count it a blessing? what could i do but laugh and hurry home to shower and change my shirt???