Monday, June 22, 2009

southwest pieta

this is on the campus of arizona state university in tempe. this image is quite common in mexico: an aztec warrior cradles a dead maiden, who is honored by the snake and eagle.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

a wee bit o' dance

these fellows are hopi, but they dance and sing in a north-plains style. this is normal in the post-modern world of native culture.

ancient isis

hansa is pointing to the isis temple, a formation in the grand canyon. there is also a buddha temple, a temple of osiris, a shiva temple, etc. this is a HOLY place! a fitting response to the profoundly ancient carvings: the rocks are up to a billion and a half years old, while the carving is "only" a few million years old; and it is (of course) still a work in progress.

hoop dancer at grand canyon visitor center

the native people do a good job of maintaining their culture under the current circumstances. even though this style of fancy dance has roots in the northern plains, the hopi people tell THEIR stories during the presentation, and inform the tourists of some of the local history from THEIR point of view.

en route to the wild wild west

i confess i like the old wagons and such that litter the tourist sites along route sixty six. this is near the petrified forest, so they sell all manner of stone logs.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

astronomy alert!

in the early morning (pre-dawn) sky, venus and mars are doing a brilliant dance which will show them conjunct on solstice morning june 21. but this thursday and friday, the crescent moon will join them for an even more spectacular trio-dance. don't miss it!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

vacation report (more to follow)

hansa and i have just returned from three weeks in and around california. we stopped en route to visit my brother and some pals in phoenix, stared in wonder at the grand canyon, stopped briefly in las vegas, visited friends in yosemite, spent several days with mom & dad in miwuk village and then headed down to the bay area, which provided amusement and distraction a-plenty, and a job interview which seems to be about to bear fruit....
too much driving! over three thousand miles, including a mad dash oakland ==> santa fe in two days.
photos and comments to follow in a day or three.