Sunday, December 28, 2008

on the fourth day of christmas....

my phone still does not work; but at least the internet does.
there are no partridges to be seen, let alone pear trees.
the calling birds seem to be coyotes in the distance.

did you see the planets dancing this evening? the moon BELOW mercury, then jupiter, and then mighty aphrodite. what a display!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas eve in santa fe

is there anyplace else in the world where people set up fires on christmas eve so the ChristChild can find His way to their homes?

i had forgotten how beautiful these luminerias are! my camera did not capture them well, but use your imagination to re-construct the real world from these psychedelic shots...

did you notice that the bottom shot shows luminarias arranged in a giant peace sign?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

ahhhh, the magic functions well

i confess i was having doubts whether westcoast potions and spells could work their magic here on the right coast. but double double all's swell what ends swell.
the revels is the revels is the revels, as gertrude stein once said in a place where there WAS a there there. mayhaps revels is a place like brigadoon, which magically pops into existence once a year, but this brigadoon spell has its manifestations in ten places at once! all the people who dedicate so much of their time to this mid-winter celebration of light: well, it seems that energy seeks it own level. the community of revelers really transcends cities and theaters.

this is me with steve who played gaston (the lead voyageur, who makes the pact with the devil) for the DC production. he brought a lot more singing to the part, so his gaston was a man driven by a desire to sing with his friends-- a noble reason to make a diabolical deal. steve is a folklorist at the library of congress, and his specialty is french canadian folk song. he was consulted about new songs to add to the mix, and he got drafted to play the lead role!