Sunday, August 24, 2008

what's next?

i have a ticket to washington D.C. where i will be doing street theater: VOTE!

holland? california? india? DC? where are we?

i can hardly tell...

so we left india on friday and sunday was the beginning of a week-long renaissance workshop at sonoma state. we stayed a night at some esperanto buddies' house in oakland, and then headed off (still jet-lagged) to rohnert park. we arrived, checked in and went off to our first session: sight-reading renaissance music while our brains were still a half-continent away.
and what a week of excellent music!
then off to miwuk for a few days, then to oregon for a week, including quick visits with randall & family, trudy & family, chela, shari & family... and the oregon country fair... i am exhausted just thinking about this whirlwind visit....

but we already had tickets to holland, so we had to head to the olde worlde before hansa's birthday.

and of course there was the world congres of esperanto, right there in rotterdam, about a mile from hansa's apartment.... amazing to see so many of my long-time buddies in a brigadoon-like time warp.

i stayed in holland riding my bike and/or skating every day for several weeks until it was time to come save the world from FOUR MORE YEARS of war and deficits.

is the summer almost over already? REALLY???

i can't believe that i have written nothing for months...

and yet the sumer has been FULL of events:
a week-long renaissance music workshop
several days with mom & dad in miwuk
a quick visit to yosemite to see friends from india
a week in oregon visiting family and going to the oregon country fair
a great pub-sing with revels buddies on bastille day
world congress of esperanto
postkongresa ekskurso in maastricht
family picnic with hansa's HUGE extended family
trip to friesland
wednesday night skate in rotterdam

but will i ever write up any of this?

will i post pictures????

stay tuned!